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Our editorial format encourages self-expression and real world hands-on learning. FastForward reporters conduct interviews and write about their experiences, helping them develop critical thinking and organizational skills through active participation. For many students, having their writing and artwork published allows them to gain the self-esteem and confidence they need to further develop their  talents. We encourage students to applaud the accomplishments of their peers in sports, science, math, writing and the arts. The interviews and stories we publish are written by students—on companies like Facebook, YouTube, Google, ILM and more—and are on topics of interest to students.







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FastForward is aimed at a youth market, including teachers, administrators and families in Marin County, ages 5 through 18. We distribute 25,000 copies monthly during the ten-month school year, September–June. We deliver to more than 45 schools and 100 retail locations. Our website provides an online platform for our print publication, providing a total readership of 40,000. Our publication reaches students, parents and teachers who seek to enhance art, video, film, digital, photographic and writing opportunities for students. To advertise on our web site, please contact us to learn about banner sizes, placement options and rates.

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