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Our Summer Session is a co-educational program offering academic courses and athletic camps for students and adults. Participants will have an opportunity to learn from experienced faculty and coaches, enjoy and become familiar with the Branson campus, and meet new friends. Whether you enroll in an academic enrichment course or sign up for an athletic camp, your experience will be fun, challenging, and rewarding. 

Our camps and classes are open to students aged 7-18, and we offer adult classes as well. Be sure to read individual camp/course descriptions for specific age/grade requirements. Students from all schools are welcome and encouraged to participate in our Summer Session. Please learn more about our programs by visiting the Branson website.

WHERE: Branson School, Ross, CA

WHEN: June 12-August 18; session times vary according to activity

AGES: Students grades 1-12

ACTIVITIES: SPORTS CAMPS: Basketball and Soccer. ACADEMICS:  SSAT Prep, Geometry, College Essay Writing, Engineering, STEM Institute, Robotics, Programming in Python, Prep for 10th Grade English, Algebra I & II Prep, Calculus Prep, Musical Theater, Photography, Screen Writing, Reading & Writing Skills, and more.

COST: $250-$2,200, depending on class and length of sessions

CONTACT: For more information please visit www.branson.org/summer or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact the Summer Session Office at 415-455-7171


My Experience at Branson Academic - Prep for English II

By Rakesh Shah, junior, Branson

When I singed up to for Branson’s Summer English II camp, the only thing that concerned me was becoming a better writer. I communicated my intentions to the course instructor, Branson English teacher Bijani Mizell, who convinced me over the two weeks that the class was about more than that.

After reading a sample piece I wrote, she pointed out that my analysis needed work; more writing practice wasn’t all I needed. Reading, she said, was just as important as writing, if not more so. Just by improving my close reading and analytical abilities, I noticed my writing improve tremendously. By the end of the two weeks, I not only learned to become a better writer, but also a better reader. Without Branson’s Summer English II Camp, I’m sure I wouldn’t be as successful of a student as I am today.


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