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Welcome Horse lovers! If you are between the ages of 5-14 years, our summer day camp is just what you are looking for. We offer English/Western horse camps for youth. Campers are grouped by ages and riding levels. Our enthusiastic Certified Instructors teach riding and horse care skills combined with many fun and exciting activities—some of which include Trail Riding, Vaulting (gymnastics on horseback) Bareback riding and Petting Zoo. There will also be show at the end of each week so campers can show off their newly acquired riding skills.

WHERE: Morning Star Farm, 885 Sutro Avenue, Novato

WHEN: Weekly Sessions from  June 5-August 25. Full Days (9:00 am - 4:00 pm) and Half Day (9:00 am –12:30 pm). See website for other specialty camps/times.

ACTIVITIES: Horse riding lessons, trail rides, vaulting, grooming and horse care. Horse games, horse art, petting zoo

AGES: 8-14 years (some 7.5 year-olds with a minimum 1 year of riding lesson experience considered)

COST: $365-$555 per week

DETAILS: We also offer these specialty camps listed below:

Western Rodeo Camp for the budding cowgirl/cowboy, focuses on Western riding and skills such as barrel racing, pole bending and roping. This camp ends with a Rodeo to show off skills and games taught during the week.

Jumping Camp is a great way for campers with previous riding experience to learn how to jump or brush up on existing skills. At the end of the week campers will ride in a mock Jumping Show where family and friends can see what the riders have learned in camp.

Mini Camp for campers aged 5-7 years, is an option available for the younger set to explore and learn to ride horses and ponies in a safe, fun environment. They also get to meet other farm animals and enjoy our petting zoo.

CONTACT: For more information, or to register, visit www.morningstarfarm.info or call 415-897-1633


My Story about Morning Star Farm Horse Camp

By Olivia Korich, grade 7, St. Isabella School

I was lucky enough to attend one of Morning Star Farm's all day summer camps. I also had the pleasure of doing their jumping camp in the afternoon. They offer multiple different camps for all levels of riders. That first day, I was so excited to see which horse I was going to ride! I saw that all the horses were saddled up and ready to go. Everyone there was so nice and welcoming. There were black, gray, chestnut, paint, and palomino horses. Throughout the week, we rode bare back, went on trail rides, saddled up miniature ponies for carriage rides, and even learned vaulting. I tried things that week I never thought I would. They had a way of making everything feel safe and fun. We did something different each day and we played a lot of fun games. The counselors always had a big smile on their faces, and were encouraging.  All week we learned different things about horses, ponies, from the different colors and breeds, to the food they eat—many different brands of hay, alfalfa, and grain. We learned how horses talk and how they show their emotions by the positioning of their ears. If the ears are to the side, it means that they are resting. If the ears are pinned back against their head, it means that they are annoyed or mad. I could not believe how much I learned in just one week. I was inspired to learn more.

In the afternoon, I went to the jumping camp. We trotted and cantered high cross bars, verticals, and even fences. Each day we had a jumping lesson along with a groundwork lesson. We also learned how to braid their tails and manes, how to use leg wraps, and clean tack.  In the middle of the week, we jumped a vertical cavaletti, while our picture was being taken by a fast motion camera that catches the right photo at just the right time. The photos are a great memory to remember what you accomplished. Finally, we had a horse show for all our friends and family. On the day of the show, we got on our jumping course and practiced it until it was perfect. I felt so excited and nervous all at the same time. We braided the horses’ manes and tails, groomed them, and decorated them with ribbons and flowers for the show. This camp allows anyone, beginner to experts, to improve upon their horse riding abilities and grow an appreciation for these beautiful animals.


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