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Mountain Camp is a private, traditional, coed, resident camp founded in 1966 and accredited by the American Camp Association. Mountain Camp provides a magical outdoor setting where campers unplug, make friends, try new activities and make memories that last the rest of their lives. This summer, join more than 500 other Marin families who are already sending their kids to Mountain Camp.

WHERE: We are located near Lake Tahoe on a beautiful high sierra lake in the Eldorado National Forest. For convenience, we offer charter bus service from Larkspur Landing.

WHEN: One- to four-week summer sessions available from June 11-August 26. Spring sessions also available (visit website for details and dates).

AGES: boys & girls, entering 2nd through 12th grades

ACTIVITIES: Sailing, Wakeboarding, Water Skiing, Ropes Course, Arts and Crafts, Archery Music, Photography, Video Production, Mountain Biking, Sports and Games, Drama, Dance, Kayaking, Fencing, Fort Building and much more.

Spring Enrollment Rates (Now-April 30)
~ 1-week sessions, $1,850 ($1387.50 for session 8); 2-week sessions, $3, 400; 3 week sessions, $4,900; 4 week sessions, $6,300. Visit website for spring session details and dates.

Summer Enrollment Rates (May 1-August 17) ~ 1-week sessions: (Sessions 1-7) $1,900, (Session 8) $1425; 2-week sessions: $3,500; 3 week sessions: $5,000; 4 week sessions: $6,400. Bus Service is available to and from camp from Palo Alto, Larkspur and Lafayette. Visit our website for details and transportation options.

DETAILS: Summer camp sessions run from June 7-August 23 as follows:

  • 1-WEEK SESSIONS: June 11-17, June 18-24, June 25-July 1, July 2-8, July 23-29, July 30-August 5, August 6-12, August 13-19, August 20-26
  • 2-WEEK SESSIONS: June 11-24, June 25-July 8, July 9-22, July 23-August 5, August 6-19, August 13-26

Mountain Camp has its own radio station and campers get to DJ their own radio shows and broadcast out to the whole camp. Our Dance & Stage class allows our campers to write and rehearse skits, songs or dances and perform them on our Campfire Stage. Campers are encouraged to create their own acts or they can choose a camp classic to reenact, allowing campers to shine and be the stars. Every camper staying two or more weeks has the option of participating in an overnight trip in the El Dorado National Forest. Campers travel in kayaks or canoes from our camp to the far side of Ice House Lake where they make camp for the night, enjoy S’mores around the campfire, and sleep out under stars. It’s an experience that they’ll never forget!

We also offer a Family Camp from August 27-30 (rates $425/adult and $350/child).

CONTACT INFO: Visit www.mountaincamp.com< or call 415-351-CAMP (2267)


Our story about Mountain Camp

By Sophie and Sara Fast, grade 8, Marin Horizon School

From the moment we walked into Mountain Camp, we knew we would love it. First, we walked through the never-ending “high five tunnel” of counselors, making us feel welcomed. One of our favorite aspects of Mountain Camp is that there is no technology allowed. You get to have a real camp experience without worrying about kids being glued to their phones or computers. The counselors come from different places all around U.S. and the world from Australia, Ireland, England, Spain and Argentina. They are so easy to talk to, and you get to talk about their lives, which are very different from ours; we sometimes tease them about their accents! At Mountain Camp, there is an incredible variety of activities to choose from. From sailing to ukulele to Parkour, there is something for everyone and always something new to try!

In a typical day, the wake-up bell is at 7:30. First, you clean up your bunk and get ready for the day. Your cabin must be clean because each week, there is a clean cabin contest and the cleanest cabin gets a prize. And believe us, you want to get the prize! At 8:00, the breakfast bell will ring.  At Mountain Camp, we eat family style. For example, French Toast, bacon, sausage, eggs, fruit, and hashbrowns. If you don’t want to have that, there is always the option of cereal, yogurt, granola, and fruit. After breakfast, you get ready for the day. There are three periods throughout the day— one morning period and two afternoon periods. You get to choose your activities for each period, and each period is based on different age groups. The youngest campers have water period first where they can choose dock activities, water skiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, kayaking, paddle boarding, or windsurfing. Older kids have other periods like outdoors period that includes the ropes course, archery, fencing, outdoor cooking, science, and more.  Then you have a family-style lunch or a salad bar. After lunch, you have rest time. You hang out in your cabin and take a nap, read a book, write a letter to your parents, write in your journal, or play an instrument. After that, it’s water activities or outdoor activities or lodge period. In lodge period, you can do arts and crafts, sports and games, guitar and ukulele, newspaper, video, or go on a bike trip. After this, you have hang time with your cabin. You can shower, hang out in the hammocks, or play ping pong and foosball. Then it’s dinnertime_ this is always so much fun! One night is always Thanksgiving Dinner night, and there are tons of other fun and funny dinner menus. After dinner, you get ready for evening program. Depending on the night, there is a theme like song and skit night where your cabin does either a song or a skit. Or cabin Olympic night, one of my favorite nights ever, your cabin competes against your age group to receive a prize. Beach Night is another favorite, where you do different activities on the beach and it’s so different at nighttime. Then your cabin goes back to go to sleep and gets a good night of rest to get ready for the next day. 

One of the best parts of Mountain Camp is the ability to try new things. We have seen multiple people on the ropes course, water skiing, and archery be a little bit afraid to try the activities but they tried anyway and ended up loving them. Once we saw a boy who was afraid to climb on a feature at the ropes course and then ended up getting the new record for that feature! This is why we are so drawn to Mountain Camp year after year. The friends that we make each year also make us so excited to come back and rekindle those connections. Mountain Camp literally feels like our second home, and we cannot wait until this summer!


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