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Located on a private lake in Northern California, Walton’s Grizzly Lodge provides the idyllic sleep-away summer camp setting. Campers choose daily from over 40 activities. After a fun-filled day, campers enjoy dining family style in our historic lodge followed by a spirited campfire under the stars. Campers are tucked in for the night in cozy pine bunk beds in our modern cabins. Operated by fourth-generation Owners/Directors, Walton’s Grizzly Lodge Summer Camp provides campers with memories to last a lifetime.

WHERE: Portola, California - North of Lake Tahoe

WHEN: One-week sessions run June 18-24 and August 20-26. Two-week sessions run June 25-July 8, July 9-22, July 23-Aug 5, and Aug 6-19. Campers may combine sessions for a 3- or 4-week session.

AGES: Campers aged 7-14. Camper in Leadership Training program is available for returning Walton's campers who are 15-16 years old.

ACTIVITIES: Extensive ropes course, water sports, archery, tennis, crafts, riflery, horseback riding, ceramics, water trampoline, 60-foot water slide and much more.

COST: $1,850 for 1 week sessions; $3,500 for 2 week sessions. Early enrollment discounts are available (visit website for details).

DETAILS: Beautifully located in the Sierras of Northern California, Walton’s Grizzly Lodge provides the ideal summer camp experience for children ages 7-14. Camp life centers around our private lake, providing campers with daily choices of over 40 activities including water sports, horseback riding, craft activities, athletics, and archery. Our popular ropes course activities utilize a 500-foot zip line across our lake.

Operated by fourth generation owners and directors, the rich history and tradition of Walton’s make ours the premier residential summer camp on the West Coast. Since 1926, Walton’s Grizzly Lodge has helped generations of campers create memories and friendships to last a lifetime.

CONTACT: Visit www.grizzlylodge.com or for more information email EMAILADDRESS or call 530.832.4834. 


My story from Waltons Grizzly Camp

By Sterling Fischer, grade 7, Mill Valley Middle School

My friends wake me up and I climb out of my bunk bed to get ready for breakfast. Today was French toast; my favorite. We all pass food around the table, scarf it down and go to assembly to pick our activities. I can’t decide which activity I want to choose—there are so many. I hear “weaving” and “crafts” and shoot my hand up. My friends choose the same so we go off together.

Once we finish activities, we go to lunch and it is my favorite—chicken patty day. I had been waiting all week for this. The counselors made a surprise announcement after lunch for the root beer float party. If you have your name tag on for the announcement, you get a root beer float! Thankfully, I had my name tag on. After my root beer float, I return to my cabin and rest.

Dinner comes next and tonight’s dinner is ravioli. There is always a salad bar for dinner (and lunch) which is delicious. We go up to put on some “warmies,” then off to the last activity. Finally, we all head to the campfire where we do skits and counselors perform hilarious acts. When our fun and games around the campfire are finished, we sing our closing song.

We get our PJ’s back on and climb in bed. We are given the choice to read or write letters for 15 minutes and then “lights out”. Through my experiences at Walton’s Grizzly Lodge, I’ve made so many new friends, tried so many new things, and learned so much. I’m so excited to keep going back.


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