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The Performing Arts Academy of Marin (PAAM) offers a fun-filled and inspiring summer day camp for the young performer! Weekly Theater Arts and Dance Programs are available throughout the summer. Students gain superior training from seasoned professionals in a supportive and fun environment. Programs are grouped by age for students ages 6 and up, and PAAM also offers Demi Camp for ages 4-6! Our weekly Theater Arts and Demi Camp Programs culminate with a performance for parents & family.

WHERE: 60 Belvedere, Strawberry Village, Mill Valley

WHEN: Weekly sessions from June 12-August 18, 8:30 am–2:00 pm. Aftercare is available until 2:00-5:00 pm with advanced registration at $15 per day.

AGES: Boys and girls, ages 4-18

ACTIVITIES: Weekly Theater Arts & Dance Programs

COST: $375 - $445/week for Musical Theater & Dance Camps, $400/week for Demi Camp

DETAILS: Registration is by the week (Monday—Friday). Book early as space is limited and fills quickly!

CONTACT: Visit www.paamarin.com or call the studio at 415-380-0887.


My story from Performing Arts Academy of Marin

By Caitlin Beard, grade 6, Del Mar Middle School

This is my 3rd year doing PAAM’s summer camps, and honestly, I’ve had a blast! I remember the first time I walked into the studio -- an open, sunny space with friendly, brightly painted walls and kids sprawled on the ground having snacks, stretching, and practicing what they love to do most: performing. PAAM is my 2nd home, and a place where all the smiling teachers and students are like my family.

Each camp is five days long, and the show is on the night of the fourth day, which means that after working hard to produce the play there is still a day to play tons of fun acting games. From the moment you step up to audition, to the second you finish your show, breathing hard and smiling so much your cheeks hurt, you’re having one of the best times of your life. Every week is a new experience -- a new show to perform, new friends, and new things to learn and laugh about. Everybody appreciates you for who you are. When I was 9, I had few friends at school, but at PAAM, I could actually relate to everybody. They appreciate me for who I am: a clumsy, hilarious, down to earth singer and actress (and proud to be!). After four days of hard work, the best part is when you go home, cake on stage makeup and get all dolled up, and then the lights blind you so that it’s just you and the stage. My cheeks are flushed with excitement, a grin plastered on my face, “kick ball-change, kick ball-change” - I love this so much!!! And then on Friday, you’re kind of tired from the night before, so you play all kinds of games! Improv, Party Guest, Freeze Dance—games that you can’t get enough of. You laugh so hard you cry, then at the end of the day you may cry again because you have to leave. We all know that music will bring us together again, whether we’re dancers or singers. So if you love to perform, or even if you just love having fun, then PAAM is definitely the place for you!


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