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The Planet: Famous Kids’ Summer Place with the best hand-tool wood shop, and bead-jewelry and sewing shop. Kids direct their own time, with freedom to do nothing. We're not only a summer camp. We also offer a year-round drop-in day camp and activity center, a conscientious alternative for all kids ages 6 and beyond!

The Planet Sausalito - The Kids’ Headquarters has been serving Marin since 1995, providing wholesome activities and meticulous supervision, and also maintaining a unique, ongoing community discussion of every issue that pertains to what is best for children.

WHERE: 220 Redwood Highway, Mill Valley

WHEN: M-F, 8:30 am–6:00 pm, June 16-August 25

AGES: 5 1/2 years and up

COST: Hourly rate is $15 per hour. Tiered rates available: buy 15 hours @ $12 per hour; buy 30 hours @ $9 per hour.

DETAILS: The Planet has been serving Marin since 1995, providing wholesome activities and meticulous supervision. Long-term dedication and zero staff-turnover produce the best fun, security, learning, and socialization. We provide the priceless neighborhood play that’s often missing in modern children’s lives. Many award-winning projects. Large outdoor yards w/trees, lawns, right on our beautiful Bay.

CONTACT: Search Google for “The Planet, Sausalito” or visit www.kidsheadquarters.org or call 415-331-8373


A story from Camp Planet

By Daniella Silva,  grade 7, Mill Valley Middle School

I do everything at the Planet. I sew, I bead, I go in the wood shop. The best part of the Planet is that you don't have to make anything, but you can if you want to. I love to invent things. I like to be outside too, because it's fun to sit in the trees and look at the Bay, or watch other kids play, and it's fun to have pointless discussions with other kids. The Planet is a great place to hang out!


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