By Sarah Geffen, Home-Schooled

Performances at the Shubert Theatre, 225 West 44th Street, New York

"Matilda the Musical” is a wonderful new show on Broadway in New York City! It is based on the children’s book, Matilda, written by Roald Dahl. Matilda is a story about a smart little girl named Matilda Wormwood whose parents are not very nice to their kids because they only care about themselves. Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood love to watch TV and they do not like books. Matilda loves books and is sad that her parents do not understand her. I cannot tell you more without spoiling the story—but the show is fantastic!

I had a chance to interview the actors who play Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood. Lesli Margherita (Mrs. Wormwood) is fashionable like her character, but is much, much nicer! I learned that she grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area (San Jose) and won a Lawrence Olivier Award for her role as “Inez” in Zorro in London before she came to New York to be in Matilda. When she was little, she loved to sing and dance many different kind of dances but she only learned salsa dancing while working on Matilda and she loves salsa dancing now. Ms. Margherita said she is the same as her character in the way that she likes to dress up in fancy and sparkly clothes. But I could tell that she is not like Ms. Wormwood because she is kind and has a pretty smile and is nice to kids.