Image of Frederic Yonnet performing on stage Typically a magic show might have a large crowd. But Morrison likes to keep it classy. His shows only fit up to 46 people, a size that makes the show very personal. down to the last button, his tuxedo, suspenders, and bow tie add to the class of his show.

But his classic, intimate style isn’t all that makes him the most sold out magic performance in the Bay area. His success is an end result of a long and hard journey from childhood dreams to eventually being known for his magic all around the world.

Morrison explained the amount of hard work it took to get to the top, his diligence of practicing ten hours a day, and his austere barrier between his job and his daily life. “Magic is not about the trick, but creating a fun show that breaks the rules a little bit,” he said.

“I think magic makes people wonder and look at things not just at face value. People have a structure in the mind of what is possible, so it gets them thinking about what other things in the world that could be real.”

He explained, Magic is a kind of theatre, like Shakespeare, but the difference is you get entertained and amazed all at the same time. “It is just what I love to do,” said Morrison.

Morrison, who learned his first magic trick when he was 5-years-old from his inspirational babysitter, compared learning and mastering magic to playing any instrument, as practice makes perfect and you get out of it what you put in. Practice, practice, practice, he said.