“I used to practice ten hours a day for ten years. Over time you continue to get new ideas.”

Along the way, however, Morrison said he has had a number of different professions, including corporate sales and service industry positions, all of which have led him to have his own business. Having a magic performance theatre is more than just performing my tricks, he said.

Magic is not about the trick, but creating a fun show that breaks the rules a little bit.

But Morrison said he loves the space he has landed in— the Marrakech Theatre. The idea emerged when he was doing a private event for lady who had always dreamed of having a magician for her 30th birthday, and she also wanted to have it at a Moroccan restaurant. “I worked 100 hours a week the first year, and put everything into it. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity— to be able to have this unique place to perform.” he said.

We asked him if he ever gets tired of performing his tricks day after day.He said, although you would think he would, boredom isn’t a part of his job as a magician. “It is always a new audience,” he said. “I am not doing it for me. I am doing it to entertain. It is always a fresh audience, or when people return. It is fun for me to watch them smile.

Morrison added, magic doesn’t really change that much, but it certainly evolves. Magic is a unique form of entertainment, he said. “For me, magic is a way to create a fun environment and use magic as a vehicle to allow people to have an excellent time.”

And his vision definitely panned out for him, for his show was not only mind blowing, but also unlike anything we had ever seen. One of our favorite magic tricks he named Dream Vacation, which is when he reads your mind and can tell details of what YOUR dream vacation is.

Today, Morrison’s act at the Marrakech Theater has become the longest running one-man show in all of California, and it has received 4.9 stars out of 5. But he said he simply hopes can continue to improve and evolve.

He was recently selected to play at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, which is like the Carnegie Hall of magic. He believes that “professionals don’t make mistakes, but if they do, you most likely would not notice.” Even though he has become very well-known and famous, he is truly happy and grateful for the opportunities he has received.