Headshot of Frederic YonnetYonnet has expanded his talents beyond his harmonica performances, including a system called Reed My Lips, which gives his audience an opportunity to listen to his music and give him feedback. His favorite part of his job is being able to communicate with people, which he said stretches his mind and gives him a time to reflect.

His advice to emerging musicians is to believe in yourself and embrace your fears. He said, “Fears are there to teach you something, not necessarily to slow you down.”

Even though he has become famous, he remains true to himself. We found his humbleness admirable. He is at heart a leader, not a follower. And he is always looking to be the first, which is what makes him so successful because he is always one step ahead of everyone else.

For the future, he wants to reinvent the way that the harmonica is perceived and be an ambassador to the harmonica in popular culture. He says, “I’m hoping that the harmonica will have a greater presence in mainstream music, and I hope to be instrumental in that.”

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