Performances at the Curran Theatre

image of a group of FastForward reporters on set with the cast of ONCE "Once” is a modern day love story with a twist. It’s a melancholy tale of hope that shows there isn’t always a happy ending. Accompanied by a flurry of exhilarating songs, Once tells the story of “Guy” trying to make it in the music business, sharing a story of love, excitement, and music that leaves the audience wanting more. The play depicts five passing days where Guy meets Girl. Both characters are trying to recover from tussles with fleeting love. Music brings them together, and fate pulls them apart. Actress Dani de Waal plays the main female role, “Girl,” aptly titled from the typical “guy meets girl” scenario. “Girl” is a young Czech woman living in Dublin, Ireland, where the musical is set. Waal shares the lead role with Stuart Ward, who plays the main male role, “Guy.” When we talked to the cast, they all emphasized the universal, relatable nature of the plot.