FF Covers Treasure Island Music Festival 2014


By Matt Geffen and Elena Sandell, from Marin Academy and Marin Catholic High Schools

Image of the act Zed on stage at the festival The Treasure Island Music Festival originated in 2007. It has a prime location and music scene that appeals to the best of performers, giving us the Festival set list of an indie music connoisseur’s dreams. Regardless of music being the main draw, the Festival attracts local food vendors to satisfy any craving you might have before taking on the crowds. The Festival has sponsor booths and local San Francisco design, environmental or fashion companies, providing an opportunity to discover new local stores and organizations that you might have not known about.

Sunny and warm in San Francisco, the clear blue skies created a fun vibe. As reporters, we were excited to get the front row for all the act’s including the headline of the night, Outkast. With front row views, also comes interesting interaction between the performer and the crowd. The shows began in the afternoon with performer (pronounced mow), an indie pop artist. She sashayed on to the stage and from beginning to end was intense and spirited. She arrived wearing an eye patch that we could assume was a gimmick that complemented her stage image. She went on to explain she had an eye infection the day before and although she had an eccentric presentation, the eye patch was a coincidental turn of events, showing her down-to-earth character within her untouchable and dignified musical persona. A highlight of that particular set was the sudden crow surf stint at the end. Being in front, we got the biggest impact—she leapt into us. Because no one saw it coming, that led for an exhilarating turn of events trying to get the singer back in the air after an unsteady start to her crowd surf, but eventually all was well and she came back up to the front of the crowd and danced her way back through the mass to the stage with us.