We saw acts such as Jungle, a chill electro pop group that offered a great transition to give us some time to unwind with more relaxed music. They sported some Giants gear to get the Bay Area pride going and had us excited and warmed up for the acts to come.

Janelle Monae was up next and her set blew everyone away. The stage was now decked head to toe in 60’s inspired white and black. Her performance included uplifting R&B songs, massive vocals, glassy dance skills and unexpected rap ability. The crowd couldn’t keep her eyes off of her and we celebrated the time we had to watch her entertain us.

Second to last was Zedd, the EDM superstar. Zedd was undoubtedly the loudest set, it began with a bass boom so loud your whole body shook, everyone’s mouth agape trying to prepare for what was to come next. Throughout his set filled with top 40 number one hits, almost every five minutes he had smoke, fire or fireworks shooting off the stage to compliment his intense light show going on behind him.

Then it was time for our headliner, Outkast to finish off the night. The crowd anticipation was incredibly intense, everyone’s eyes getting bigger as the stage was being set up. Some older college students kept whispering we were about to see the best musicians of all time. Hearing other dedicated fans coming back for more got the adrenaline pumping and we were ready for a great set to close out the night. As this was one of Outkast’s very few shows left that they were to perform ever, the band that has been running for close 20 years now, worked the stage like it was the only thing they knew how to do. By the end of the night the happiness lingered in the air as we walked off the island, looking out over the bay and seeing the picture perfect skyline of a clear San Francisco night with music and memories that we’ll never forget.

Montage image of various acts from the Treasure Island Music Festival 2014

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