Cirque du Soleil's KURIOS

KURIOS - Cabinet of Curiosities

By CC Clark, Freshman, University High School


Image of Cirque du Soleil performers performing human sculpture Upon stepping through the grand gates of Circe Du Soleil obscured in a tiny pocket of San Francisco, tucked behind AT&T park, I felt as though I had entered a new world. Crowds gathered, making very little mobility room. Two girls dressed in crazy, silver, shiny attire stood on high stilts, towering above the tiny people. The smell of popcorn was in the air as I stepped into the tent, immense on the inside, like Mary Poppin's magical bag.

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Treasure Island Music Festival 2014

FF Covers Treasure Island Music Festival 2014


By Matt Geffen and Elena Sandell, from Marin Academy and Marin Catholic High Schools

Image of the act Zed on stage at the festival The Treasure Island Music Festival originated in 2007. It has a prime location and music scene that appeals to the best of performers, giving us the Festival set list of an indie music connoisseur’s dreams. Regardless of music being the main draw, the Festival attracts local food vendors to satisfy any craving you might have before taking on the crowds. The Festival has sponsor booths and local San Francisco design, environmental or fashion companies, providing an opportunity to discover new local stores and organizations that you might have not known about.

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Once - The Musical


Performances at the Curran Theatre

image of a group of FastForward reporters on set with the cast of ONCE "Once” is a modern day love story with a twist. It’s a melancholy tale of hope that shows there isn’t always a happy ending. Accompanied by a flurry of exhilarating songs, Once tells the story of “Guy” trying to make it in the music business, sharing a story of love, excitement, and music that leaves the audience wanting more. The play depicts five passing days where Guy meets Girl. Both characters are trying to recover from tussles with fleeting love. Music brings them together, and fate pulls them apart. Actress Dani de Waal plays the main female role, “Girl,” aptly titled from the typical “guy meets girl” scenario. “Girl” is a young Czech woman living in Dublin, Ireland, where the musical is set. Waal shares the lead role with Stuart Ward, who plays the main male role, “Guy.” When we talked to the cast, they all emphasized the universal, relatable nature of the plot.

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