Harmonica Master Frederic Yonnet

FastForward interviews jazz harmonica master Frederic Yonnet

A&E FEATURE - January 2014

By Lauren Anderson, Avani Bahl, Sophie Barron, Joe Blair, Lizzie Chadbourne, Erin Fernwood, Alexandra Kitze, Julia Kudler and Maddy O’Hara; from The Bay School, Branson, Marin Academy, Marin School of the Arts and University High Schools

Illustration of the jazz harmonica master Frederic Yonnet Born in Normandy, France, Yonnet grew up Paris, which he considers to be the crossroad of different cultures. His grandfather, who was a musician, also inspired him. But he didn’t begin his musical career with the instrument that eventually made him famous.

Yonnet started out as a drummer, but the bands he played with told him to stop trying to play the melody. They wanted him to stay in the backbeat where the drums belonged. This didn’t appeal to Yonnet, and he eventually became drawn to the small and portable harmonica. What he said about this encounter was simply, “I got lucky. My life got better when I played the harmonica.”

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Magic at Marrakech Theatre

Peter Morrison shares his love for magic with FastForward reporters

A&E INTERVIEW - December 2013

By Kayla Augustine, Avani Bahl, Matt Geffen, Victoria Gioia, Michaela Hebert, Jeremy Ivory-Chambers, Carissa Lee, Morgan Lorenz, Ethan McKeague, Sam Newsome, Olivia Malek, Rachel Metzger, Ethan McKeague, Talia Rizzo, Christa Schmitt, Nicole Schmitt, Ethan Singleton, Lacey Slattery, Arthur Weschler, Mary Winnick and Burke Wynne; from The Bay School, Bayview of San Rafael, Branson, Davidson Middle, Marin Academy, Marin Catholic, Marin Horizon, Redwood High, San Domenico, Sir Francis Drake, Saint Rita, White Hill Middle and Saint Ignatius College Preparatory Schools

Peter Morrison on stage performing his magic with the help of two audience members We arrived at the Marrakech Magic Theater in beautiful San Francisco, where we descended down a long staircase lined with electric candles before landing in a large room. A golden ceiling arched above us and a golden star adorned the floor below. We landed in a Moroccan-themed and decorated eating and sitting area, where Peter Morrison the magician appeared in the room dressed in a suit and classic- styled black and white shoes a nd slicked back hair.

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Beach Blanket Babylon

Hats Off to Love

A&E FEATURE - December 2013

By KC Badela, Avani Bahl, Pierce Freeman, Matt Geffen, John Hassen, Jeremy Ivory-Chambers, Sara Kashani, Christine Watridge and Ellie Wynne; from Branson, Katherine Delmar Burke, Lycee Francais International de San Francisco, Marin Academy, San Domenico, Sir Francis Drake High and Saint Ignatius College Preparatory Schools

Image of a group of our FastForwad reporters posing on stage with two Beach Blanket Babylon cast members A staple of San Francisco culture? A “need to see” in most city guidebooks? As locals, we tend to overlook attractions that draw visitors to our area from around the world. Today we headed out to see this world-wide attraction — Beach Blanket Babylon, a theatrical show that blends music, humor, and political commentary in our favorite city, San Francisco.

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