Tiffany Shlain speaks about Connected, an autoblography about love, death and technology

CINEMA - October 2011

By KC Badala, Joseph Blair, John Chavez, Matt Coopersmith, Alecia Cotton, Simon Crabill, Ellie Fernwood, Annie Fogarty, Miguel Friedman, Morgan Geneste, Chris Grimshaw, Carolyn Hansen, Sabrina Hao, John Hassen, Marcus Narodny, Pierce Freeman, Alina Rainsford, Isabelle Rodriguez, Tyler Sylla, CJ Turner, Ellie Turner and Emmanuella Zacharioufrom Branson, Drake High, Kent Middle, Lycee Francais International, Marin Country Day, Marin School of the Arts, Marin Horizon, Mill Valley Middle, Sinoala Middle, Tam High and White Hill Middle Schools

image of Tiffany Shlain with the Adventure Reporters at her home A gigantic whimsical tree in her front yard was adorned with a wooden swing and a tiny door in the side fit for a mouse. A neatly placed stack of Zen rocks sat in an orderly fashion, reaching for the sky. Stepping into filmmaker Tiffany Shlain’s vibrant home, we observed a massive painting the size of one wall that looked like Paul Newman. The movie clapperboard with “Tiffany Shlain” was displayed proudly on a bookshelf. Assistants and interns busily ran around organizing the many details we could only imagine that accompany this filmmaker’s life. We caught a glimpse of her new movie, Connected, spelled out in a colorful collage of everyday objects creating a sign of the true meaning of the movie: love, death, and technology.