CINEMA - December 2011

By Kathryn Khalvati, Marin Catholic High School

It’s a bird... no it’s a plane... NO it’s an array of actors and gymnasts singing their hearts out as they are flipping in midair! With its magnificent choreography that blends cheerleading, hip-hop, and gymnastics into one awe-inspiring combination, first-rate acting and singing, thrilling plot, and an altogether inspiring and uplifting message to viewers, Bring It On: The Musical.

The show revolves around Campell, the blonde peppy Senior Cheer Captain of the Truman Cheer Squad, and the journey she ventures on as she is re-districted to the more independent and diverse Jackson High School that opens her eyes to a world beyond blonde cheerleaders and jock-like boyfriends. By overcoming the struggle to fit into a to school that dances to the beat of a different queen bee, hip-hop virtuoso Danielle, and letting go of grudges on former Truman cheer-mates, Campbell learns to see the importance of true friendships and in living in the moment over winning first place trophies and having a picture-perfect high school experience. So join Campbell and the rest of the wonderful cast of Bring It On: The Musical to see how Jackson High proves that life is more than just a ruthless cheer competition!