However, performing in a professional show that entails dancing, cheerleading, acting, and singing is very demanding on these actors’ bodies and nerves and abilities to adapt to character. For McLemore, taking care of her body and pacing herself during a rigorous schedule of performing eight times a week is her biggest challenge. She also admits it was “scary to be flipped in the air” as McLemore has no previous experience in cheerleading. However, she proved to be a quick and adept learner who was able to learn the art of cheerleading quite fast and proved to be excellent in the show. Similar challenges are posed for Gotay, who believes it is so important to maintain “his instrument” throughout the tour. For Haney, the hardest part of the Bring It On experience is the detailed choreography. He also has a more dramatic character change than the other two, as he starts out the show as his own male self, but for the bulk of the show, he acts as a woman in the role of La Cienega. But for Haney, this isn’t too much of a problem. “As soon as I put the hair and makeup on, she’s ready,” he told us.

As for coping with nerves, the three actors seem to have no problem with performing in front of a large public crowd. “I get more nervous performing in front of my family,” McLemore admits. “But when I see many people in the crowd, it’s really exciting.” Gotay and Haney add that after time, the experience becomes more exhilarating than nerve-wracking.

Our interview with the cast concluded with a brief analysis of the roles of the actor’s characters and an inspiring word of advice for young actors from Gotay. To Haney, the role of La Cienega, an oddly masculine high school girl with ample self-confidence, is all about being yourself and learning to love yourself. As for the role of Randalf, a high school boy who struggled to fit in until his senior year, Gotay believes he gives off the message to live in the moment and to stop worrying about minor details in life. When it came time for McLemore’s analysis on her role of Eva, the wicked young high school girl with an unhealthy level of unfriendly ambition, she just smiled and stayed silent. Characters like the one she plays do not necessarily give off a positive message, but they make people who have to deal with them stronger.