An Interview with Actor Jim Sturgess and Director Juan Solanas

CINEMA - March 2013 Feature

By Lizzie Chadbourne, Junior, Marin Academy

You may think that you have seen just about everything on the big screen, but after seeing Upside Down you will be blown away. The film follows a romance between two people from two literally opposite worlds. In the story, there are two different planets, facing each other, each with its own gravitational pull. The world on the top has started taking advantage of the lower one, and the economic and social disparity between the two worlds is growing. Adam, played by Jim Sturgess (21) is from the lower world, while Eden, Kirsten Dunst (Spiderman, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) was from the upper one. Contact between people from different worlds was strictly forbidden outside of business, and the punishments for breaking the law were grim. Still, they both climbed as high up as they could, in order to meet halfway, and fell in love. One day they were caught, and were separated for ten years until Adam comes up with an intricate plan to get Eden back.