Andrea Gabriel was raised by Soap-opera stars, John and Sandy Gabriel in New York City. She thought that there were only two different jobs a person could have, either a politician or an actor. Gabriel was bored by the idea of becoming a politician so she picked her other choice and now loves it. When she was little Gabriel also wanted to own a mall filled with animals to play with on top of acting. Gabriel is best known for playing Nadia in LOST. Although this role went on for about seven years with her never knowing when she would get called back, she was Sayid’s love interest and was mostly in flashbacks.

When asked a highlight of filming Breaking Dawn Part 2, they all said, “watching it with the fans because there was so much energy in the room.” In this movie there is an entire war scene that doesn’t happen in the book ending with Carlisle’s head getting taken off. Sarafyan, Malek, and Gabriel said that the reaction to this was really crazy, with people screaming, staring and even crying. Personally, when I watched this for the first time I was so shocked, and being a huge fan of this series, I knew immediately when things went wrong. Although it was a surprise, I feel that this scene was a good addition to the story because in the end all was well.

Sarafyan’s advice to aspiring actor’s and actresses is, “Don’t give up ever, sometimes it’s going to be hard. But you need to persevere and follow your dreams.” This interview inspired us to keep moving forward!

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