Film still from The Way, Way BackWhile often thought of as mutually exclusive, he added, when you really observe your life, comedy and drama are experienced simultaneously in life. “Think about those times with your family,” he said. “I think that we live day to day in both comedy and drama in a lot of ways, and I really think they go hand in hand.”

Although the road to complete The Way, Way Back has come to an end, fans of the their work won’t have to wait too long before more of their work hits the big screen. Currently, Faxon and Rash said they already deep into two new projects, including an action comedy. They also teamed with the producers of the Descendants for another film, which will, once again, delve into their own pain and struggles and family dysfunction, Rash said, causing both to laugh. Faxon added, “The idea of working with friends is always appealing to us.”

In the meantime, reviews of “The Way, Way Back” have been positive. And according to both Faxon and Rash, they are proud of their final product. “It’s your baby you’re taking care of,” said Rash.

“The whole goal by the end was for us to do it on our own. We are so proud of the movie and we are so lucky to have a cast that really gave over their time to make the characters come true.”

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