View the trailer for One Direction: This Is Us

The movie portrays the incredibly large amount of work that the members of One Direction have to do at all hours of the day. With rehearsal, prepping for shows, doing warm-ups, playing shows, doing interviews and photo-shoots, and recording tracks, being in One Direction is a full-time job. The way they deal with the stress of playing shows in front of tens of thousands of extremely devoted fans is to joke with each other, the musicians, and most of all, the security guys. They are constantly running around, stealing golf carts, and playing practical jokes on everyone around them. Spurlock says that this is their way of not having to think about the constant pressure that is put on them. In addition to this, each member has four other people in exactly the same situation as they are, and this makes a huge difference to each of them. They keep each other in check, and grounded throughout such an intense experience.

After making countless documentaries, Spurlock is interested in doing a scripted movie in the future. The experience of creating a film in a studio was exciting for him, and he hopes to continue this kind of moviemaking.

As for the band, they are releasing their third album in November. Throughout the making of the film, they were recording almost daily, and while listening to their recording sessions, Spurlock kept thinking, “I’d buy that song.” He says that their music is becoming more mature and rock-based, and this new album will be keeping with that direction.

Check out One Direction: This Is Us to learn about one of the most incredible musical phenomena of all time, and to get to know some of the most genuine and funniest musicians in the industry!

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