FastForward mets with the film's writer/director and her husband/film editor

CINEMA - September 2013 Feature

By Avani Bahl, Eliza Ross and Joseph Cohen; from Branson, Mill Valley Middle and Tam High Schools

Image still from Rebels With a Cause You look around and admire the beautiful hillside. You hike into the majestic woods, run along a sandy beach, and hike up a hillside so you can look out over the California coast. You might see a few deer hopping over the hills, some seals in the water and a few birds flying around. We live in paradise. We live in Marin County.

But did you know many people have spent countless hours, days, months - even years fighting developers and big corporations to preserve this for us? We learned the story about what happened right in our own backyard.

They were unpaid and they were crazy. They were a band of citizens who fought to preserve open space, to protect farming and wildlife and our access to nature. They were rebels with a “cause.” They stood up to a proposed development that would have been called Marincello altering our coast and landscape as we know it. This group of environmentalists stood up to a big corporation that had money and said “NO!”

We were lucky enough to meet Writer/Director Nancy Kelly who made this new documentary that chronicles this story with her husband and Editor Kenji Yamamoto called Rebels With a Cause.The film celebrates those people with passion who were brave enough to save the coastal wonders that would later become Point Reyes National Seashore and Golden Gate National Park.