Image of FastForward reporters with the actors and director from the film Me and Earl, and The Dying GirlActor Thomas Mann who plays Greg said that the film’s honesty is something that really drew him to the project.

“It was actually really funny. I liked that it embraced the stubbornness and sometimes selfishness of teenagers before they embrace the fact that the world is not about them. I really had not grown up in the way that I felt like I should have, so I saw parts of myself in Greg that I wanted to explore. Working with Alfonso, I knew it was going to look different and not just be a teen film and be something much deeper and more personal,” he shared.

The personal aspect of the film made it very relatable to not only the audience but also the actors. While actor RJ Cyler said he related most to Earl’s honesty, actress Olivia Cooke said she found a connection with Rachel in her confidence and strength.

“I think the fact that Rachel likes herself is hardly ever depicted in coming of age movies where teenage girls like themselves. I think she’s not riddled with all these insecurities and she thinks she’s a good person and that’s very important. You don’t have to be ashamed to admit that you like yourself,” she said.