The Boxtrolls - Film Review

The Boxtrolls - Film Review and Interview

By Dylan Jones, Junior, Marin Academy

ON CINEMA - October 2014

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With the movie The BoxTrolls, directors Anthony Stacchi and Graham Annabelle (creators of Coraline and ParaNorman) have created an incredibly quirky yet accessible film that manages to be visually stunning without sacrificing the integrity of the script. Indeed, “Boxtrolls” is of the rare breed of animated film that can be appreciated by all ages, full of witty humor and valuable insight on themes such as classism, injustice, and what defines self worth.

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The Book Thief

FastForward Interviews actors Geoffrey Rush, Sophie Nelisse and Director Brian Percival

CINEMA - September 2013 Feature Interview

By Matt Geffen, Freshman, and Lizzie Chadbourne, Senior, Marin Academy

Image of The Book Thief's director Brian Percival, actors Geoffrey Rush and Sophie Nelisse and FastForward reporters Matt Geffen and Lizzie Chadbourne “I wanted to make something as honest and natural as possible,” says Brian Percival, director of the movie The Book Thief. As FastForward reporters we sat down at The Ritz with actors Geoffrey Rush, Sophie Nélisse, and Director Brian Percival to discuss their experience. Based on the best-seller of the same name by Markus Zusak, the movie The Book Thief—narrated by “Death”—explores the impact of the extraordinary events of World War II on an ordinary family in a small village in Munich. Authenticity played a large role in the production, whether it was filming the movie on location in Berlin instead of much cheaper foreign outposts to the real-life bombing of the set during production.

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Morgan Spurlock discusses his latest film

Morgan Spurlock meets with FastForward to discuss One Direction: This Is Us

CINEMA - September 2013 Feature

By Lizzy Chadbourne; Senior, Marin Academy

Image of Morgan Spurlock with FastForward reporter Lizzie Chadbourne If you have ever seen the documentary film about the health impacts of eating fast food, Super Size Me (2004), you’re probably familiar with Morgan Spurlock’s work. The director/producer/writer has done many riveting documentaries such as Where in the World Is Osama Bin Laden? (2008), and his most recent film, One Direction: This Is Us is no exception. The film follows arguably the biggest “boy band” in history on tour and takes fans into concert halls, hotel rooms, the tour bus, and their hometowns. The film, shot in hyper-realistic 3D, gives viewers a sense of who Louis, Harry, Niall, Zayn and Liam really are behind the mask of their extreme fame.

“Their story is a great story,” says Spurlock when asked about what drew him to the film. He describes the experience of making the film “fun” and “a thrill,” especially in contrast to some of the films with more serious topics he has worked on in the past. But Spurlock also characterized the process as “a big undertaking.” He was given the release date practically on day one of the job, and he knew how much work was ahead of him in the following ten months, resulting in an intense and fast-paced process.

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