Virtual Reality ~ Teens Review 3 VR Titles

image of Google Earth virtual reality showing a virtual fly-over of New York City

Google Earth

By Jacqueline Chin

Imagine falling asleep one night and waking up in a world with no boundaries and great freedom. That experience gives you a break from the distractions or annoyances that constantly nag at you: those texts, those Snapchat notifications, that brother or sister stealing your stuff, the early morning days, that high-level stress, or for some, the boredom that floats like a storm cloud above your head. It is a world where you have the opportunity and will in your hands to explore our entire home planet. That portal to that world is accessed through the Google Earth VR (virtual reality) experience, one that immerses you in a virtual world, where only the sky is the limit. Google Earth VR experience in the Vive virtual reality set has all the power to bring to you to the lush Amazon rainforests, the dynamic African savannahs, the mighty Himalayas, the bustling city of San Francisco, the rolling hills of France, or any other destination that you have a desire to visit.

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