Fasten Your Seatbelts ~ the World Is Changing

California's Lt. Governer Gavin Newsom discusses technlogy and how it is driving change in our lives, our world and politics

by C.C. Clark,  Bennett Carbone, Sophie Devincenti, Lily Datnow, Lily Durante, Ariel Dunbar,  Luca Evans, Agathe Gardell, Aleah Hunt, Carissa Lee, Bella McWhorter, Matt Geffen, Caroline Hanson, Carissa Lee, Rachel Metzger, Jonathan Palfy, Rachel Richman, Campbell Slavin, Zoe Shulman and Christine Watridge. From Branson, Davidson Middle, Drew High, Marin Academy, Marin Horizon, Miller Creek Middle, The Bay School, Analy High, Novato High, Redwood High, San Rafael High, Sir Francis Drake High, Terra Linda High and University High Schools 

Image of California Lt. Governor Gavin newsomDo you remember the first Apple products? Our technological world has greatly advanced since then and is always changing. Our generation is leading this progression, for we are completely reconstructing society and making modifications all throughout our human existence. We’re going from pioneered tech to an evolved modern era. And according to Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, government must keep up with the changing world in the hands of these technological advancements. In other words, our government could use an upgrade.

We met Newsom for an interview in the Autodesk Gallery, located near the Ferry Building in San Francisco. Autodesk creates cutting-edge software for many different industries, from media, engineering, and architecture companies to construction, entertainment and non-profit organizations. We had the chance to look around at some of their new inventions on display. From bionic limbs to a realistic driving simulation, Autodesk is the future of technology; their innovative way of thinking is exactly what Gavin Newsom thinks we need more of today. “You consistently see the contours of this change everywhere,” Newsom said. “We’re moving from something old to something new.”