In his opinion, the Bay Area’s open-mindedness and willingness to accept new technology and ideas is what makes the area so successful. The number of startups in Silicon Valley attests to this fact. He thinks that Republicans and Democrats, rich and poor, need to unite. He sees us all as parts of a whole, saying, “We rise and fall together.”

But Newsom is not too sure on how or if we can catch up to these speedy changes. “What we’re missing is a plan for greatness; what we’re missing is a strategy.” he says, emphasizing the need to create a strategy through co-operation and collaboration.

Newsom believes that we are now in a world where average is over. We need push the limits. “Learn from others, do not follow,” he said.

Newsom has also figured out following someone else’s path doesn’t work out perfectly. “Steve Jobs didn’t follow others in the same space (industry), he reinvented the space,” said Newsom. “You need to find that little thing that distinguishes you.”

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