Ira Glass, producer of NPR's “This American Life”

Ira Glass face on our Skype screen

FEATURE - September 2015

FastForward speaks with Ira Glass, radio personality and producer of NPR's “This American Life”

By Isabel Rodriguez, C.C. Clark, Jack Lamarre, Rakesh Shah, Gemma Calandra, Sophie Devincenti, and Christine Watridge from Tamalpais High, University High, Marin Academy, Branson, and Redwood High Schools

Ring, ring. A Skype call pops up on screen. The face of none other than Ira Glass, radio personality and producer of “This American Life,” appears, smiling and waving at us. His enthusiasm, as well as his quirky personality is infectious. Every question we asked sparked stories and thoughts that came pouring out with no filter.

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Outside Lands

The Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival - 2014

A&E FEATURE - September 2014

By Matt Geffen, Sophomore, Marin Academy ~ Photos by John HassenSenior, Sir Francis Drake High School

Image of crowd enjoying a performance of Kanye West at the Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival“All You Can Do” — GEORGE WATSKY

Poet and rapper George Watsky has accomplished a lot since he graduated from University High School in 2005. Watsky always stood apart from the crowd, but today he blends right in as he strolls through Outside Lands, a block away from his childhood home, in a “Richmond” beanie and a red baseball jacket. We walk through the VIP section of the Festival, looking for a good place to do the interview, as HAIM’s performance blasts through the media tent and all surrounding areas. We talk about the sets we’ve caught so far at the Festival and Watsky tells us he will be catching Tom Petty’s set later tonight.

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David Best Talks Burning Man

An Interview with the Man Behind the Temple

Feature Interview

By KC Badala, Joseph Cohen, Joseph Blair, John Hassen, Benjamin Horsey, Katrina Horsey, Paul Law, Alexandra Lee, Nicholas Michael, Elias Michael, Melanie Kessinger, Sarah Knopf, Gracie Ramos, Campbell Slavin and Anya Sywulak
From Brandeis Hillel, Drake High, Edna Maguire, Kent Middle, Marin Country Day, Mill Valley Middle, Marin School of the Arts and St. Isabella Schools

There was wood everywhere. Scrap wood, two-by-fours, intricate wood cut outs on every visible surface. A loud, green, ornately decorated “art car” made from an old school bus greeted us as we stepped into the workspace. There was an animal skull on the front and couches inside instead of typical bus seats. On one side, it looked as if it was about to be painted gold, but then the artist decided to stop. Everything about it was over the top. Go big or go home. Large wooden structures were scattered all over the workspace. There were so many separate pieces it was hard to tell what was being built. But we knew what this was all for—Burning Man.

Lisa Marie Schull, warmly welcomed us into the workshop and talked about the project looming large before us. It was a temple, not for any particular religion, but for anyone to use, and it is one of the most important features of the Burning Man event. In fact, Schull is a former lawyer who gave up her job to be on this temple-building crew. 

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