Apart from Cheryl, we also had the opportunity to speak with weatherman Mike Nicco, who explained the challenges of his job. When you watch the TV show at home, it looks as though the weatherman is standing in front of a screen projecting a great deal of information. However, when you’re in the studio where they are filming the show, Mike is broadcasting in front of and referring to a screen that is pure green! He divulged that there are monitors with the detailed screen on both sides, where he can look out of the corner of his eye and see where he needs to point. Mike has a difficult job because he has to memorize the whole script, and he broadcasts from a surprisingly small box. Despite these challenges, he is able to maintain a laidback demeanor and was personable with everyone on set.

Next we interviewed the floor director/stage manager, Joey. He is also an electrician and a stagehand. It is his job to maintain the lights and keep them focused on the talent (the people in front of the camera). He has a headset that allows him to listen to the director upstairs who controls the three big cameras in the broadcasting room. He got involved early when he was a child, performing in plays and such. Now, 33 years later, he is an integral member on the floor. His words of wisdom to us were to "Get involved with new technology."

Cheryl also had some words of advice for the fledgling reporter: to start young; read as much as you can; and "learn, learn, learn." The element to her success is loving what you do and starting young. She added, "Being in the moment is an important thing."

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