Privacy is the Issue
During our interview, Gen described that users have “granular control” over privacy. After past privacy issues, Facebook has tried to make their privacy options easy for a user to understand and easier to change. Facebook officials, including Gen, say that the sites privacy options are easy to use, but many people feel that they are unclear. Each user has his or her own opinion of what is appropriate to share online and what is for texting, phone calls, face-to-face conversation, or Facebook’s very own private email-like messaging system or chat. One way they combat privacy issues is through their company philosophy – the real-name policy. Separate from the ideology of other websites, users on Facebook must use their actual names. This is targeted to force people to “act with greater accountability” when using the website. This policy also allows friends to identify people based upon a photo and their name, both of which are natural methods.

We Like Facebook
In the lunch line and common areas, the buzz of the company still seems like a small start-up company. Even with the reach and power of the social networking giant, people seem fully interested in improving the project and keeping it one step ahead of the competition. In a sphere filled with constant innovation, this enthusiasm is mandatory to keep Facebook as a leader. When we left, we had a better understanding of the kind of dedication it takes to keep a site like Facebook relevant and cool. Now, pardon us, but we need to check how many “likes” this article got.


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