On the website, you can start an online petition, which can be introduced to people everywhere. If others think if it is important, then they can sign it online and join the fight for change.

Image of the Change.org website Home pageAccording to Communications Manager Charlotte Hill, one of the organization’s missions is to give youth a platform to speak their minds. “Change.org has been powerful giving youth a voice and create a world where making change is part of daily life,” she said.

“I think Change.org has been incredibly powerful in giving young people a voice. Some of our biggest petitions have been started by young people,” added William Winters, a senior campaigner.

His favorite example, he said, was when a 5th grade classroom in Los Angeles started a petition created to get the original environmental messages from the book The Lorax by Dr. Seuss onto the website for the Hollywood movie. The class had a whole list of suggestions, including green tips and ways to get involved. “These kids and their teacher got tens of thousands of signatures and ended up getting the entire promotional website for this movie changed so it reflected the environmental values that Dr. Seuss meant to communicate in the book,” he said. And it worked! “It was a really awesome campaign that gave young kids a real voice.”

Although the organization helps anyone with a drive for change become as successful as they can be to take action on the issues they care about, there are some tips on how to be the most successful with your campaign.

“We pick people with a compelling story, or those personally connected to the issue that he or she is petitioning about,” said Kristiane Skolmen, senior Campaign director. “We spend a lot of time working with the petitioner to make sure the person’s petition is broadcasted to the world.”