Change Begins thought bubble imageAccording to Skolmen, who manages the 15 million user email list who are involved with, one of the most exciting parts of her job is that it is the largest social change email list that exists in the world. The list helps inform others on a wide variety of subjects, from petitions they might be interested in to simply celebrating a successful campaign.

Through the website, more than 500 petitions are being started every day. They range from very young kids to adults. If you sign up at, you can also be a part of their mailing list. collaborates with everyone all over the world and their number one way to engage with supporters is through email.

If you are on their email list, you will be sent three different kinds of emails, including Sign emails, Facebook bombs and Victory notifications, which inform the petitioner and others that their campaign was a success. “Email is the number one way of engaging with users for us, even though other forms of communication are becoming popular,” she said. “We are constantly trying to ensure that emails are interesting. And we want to be sending a lot more victory emails.”

Emails also help inform about petitions you might be interested to become a part of. “A person might be interested in helping to plant trees in their neighborhoods,” says Hill. “But it turns out, they are also way more interested in helpings animals.”

“Basically, what we are doing is building really smart robots that tell us what people are interested in, she said. “So we can cultivate citizens of the world who are very used to taking action on the issues that they care about.”