I think Change.org has been incredibly powerful in giving young people a voice. Some of our biggest petitions have been started by young people

Some more successful petitions include an initiative to help victims from a poisoned military base get health coverage, as well as the petition that helped secure a seat for a woman to be the moderator for the presidential debates. And the list goes on.

As for using technology, Hill added that they want to have a fast, easy and reliable Internet. “We want to basically render ourselves obsolete,” she said.

So with all of the citizen action inspired through the social change website, we asked how the government feels about change.org. Does the government support or dislike this world-changing website? The answer is multi-faced, Skolmen said.

According to Hill, Change.org is an open platform, that doesn’t endorse petitions. She said, however, they do quite a bit to help people, both nationally and globally, to connect more with their governments. Skolmen agreed, saying, “The government sometimes really likes petitions.”

In the future, Hill hopes to create a world where everyone has a voice. “We want to make sure nobody is powerless,” she said.

Skolmen said the goal is to get to a point where the website reaches critical mass, meaning that the website does not have to advertise the petition as much because there are so many people already on the site. “We believe our website has an unprecedented ability to make change,” she said.

So if you feel like making the world better, just sign up to Change.org, and make the world better, bit by little bit.

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