According to both Kobeski and Ovalle, one of their favorite ways a new employee becomes a part of the Facebook team is through their own individual initiative to make Facebook better before they worked for the company. Tens of thousands of applications come in every day for each position on their website, most of which are extremely qualified. But the story of Chris Putnam is one example of how you can create your own destiny.

When Chris was eighteen, he found a bug in Facebook, so they flew him out to their headquarters to take the bug out. He was later promoted to Engineer of the company, and he is now a multi-millionaire at the age of thirty-one.

Facebook has 1.1 billion users and just over half of those users come to Facebook everyday.

Today, Facebook has 1.1 billion users and just over half of those users come to Facebook everyday. People, businesses, bands, schools, celebrities, hobbies, shopping, food and more all different kind of pages you can follow on Facebook. Want to see videos from your favorite bands last performance? They’ve probably uploaded it to their Facebook page. Facebook is a gateway to everything in our lives whether it’s friends, family or our own interests.

According to Kobeski, the future of Facebook is going to be mobile! The Facebook app is in the Top Ten Most Popular free apps, as well as Facebook Messenger, and is used by intelligent and independent men and women alike globally. The young and old alike are discovering this already prospective and reliable website and it's apps. Many small businesses and non-profit organizations are discovering the ability of making advertisements and sending invitations to colleagues nation-wide. People, who strongly believe in implementing the coming together of curious and unique individuals and reaching out to 1 billion people worldwide, created this type of hypothetical thinking.