Did you know that when people first use technology, it is either through phone or Facebook? According to Kobeski, many believe that Facebook is the gateway to the Internet because of its connections, users and increasing popularity throughout the world. In fact, she told us the majority of users come from outside the United States and people from all backgrounds, incomes and lifestyles use Facebook as an equal.

Chart displaying percentage of users who say social media has impacted their lives positively to negatively The majority of people all over the world wouldn’t disagree that Facebook has changed the world we live in. “I think people communicate more,” Kobeski said, when we asked her what she thought Facebook has done for the world. “But I think Facebook is different for everybody.”

She said, however, there are still many new projects that are being produced to attract even more users. “Stay tuned!” said Ovalle, who expressed excitement for the future. It’s a way for some to stay in touch their loved ones, and for others, it’s used to increase business. It’s a way for people to spread word about things happening in their lives.

For the Future

Visiting the Facebook Headquarters was inspiring. Facebook has gone so far in such a short amount of time and will continue to do so over the years to come. For the Future, Facebook plans to go mobile and expand their sites and locations. They’ve stayed imperative within the online community so far by thinking ahead, jumping the trends, and experimenting with groups of people, and asking both the large and small questions to help change the world for the better.

In 2012, Donate Life, an organ donation organization, joined Facebook. Facebook thought that users, instead of using their drivers’ licenses’, would post on their Facebook timeline whether or not they are organ donors. This transgression was a new step that helped organizations, hospitals, and patients worldwide. It speaks highly of Facebook’s compassion in helping others and wanting to change the world.

In the next ten to twenty years they want to grow as a company and change their site for the better. So stay logged on, because even when you think innovation couldn’t possibly continue to thrive, change is coming. And we are ready to join in!

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