Image: A curious reporter checks out the Exploratorium's Oculus Table exhibit Although there are famous exhibits, including the shadow box and pinball machine, she said, there isn’t one that stands out amongst the rest because people’s curiosities are unique amongst themselves. “I don’t know if we have a most popular exhibit,” she said. “It depends on who you ask.”

Some of our favorites, included the exhibit Everyone is You and Me, the Mist Hall and the Red Telephone booth. Also, the popular Shadow Box also caught our attention. The exhibit is based off of photographer Harold Edgerton strobe flash technique to capture the motion of individuals.

“The Exploratorium provides a place where people can demystify things around them,” said Kali. “And to know that the world is not something mysterious to you, but something you can personally investigate.”

Our Favorite Exhibits at the Exploratorium

Alex Le: Everyone is You and Me

“The exhibit Everyone is You and Me is simple. It’s just a table with a glass window and light on top of you. Here is how it works: The glass acts likes a mirror a window, depending on how it’s lit. When your side is brighter, it’s easier to see your own reflection. When your friend’s side is brighter, you see more of his face.”

Cole Summers: Mist Hall

“My favorite exhibit is the mist hall. The mist hall is an outside exhibit and only comes on every five minutes, so you have to be lucky. But Tuesday we got lucky, and the mist hall turned on. When we were exiting the pier, you could see nothing at all. We had a good time at the exploratorium, and I hope to come back very soon.”