Continued: Our Favorite Exhibits at the Exploratorium

Tessa Pares: The Shadow Box

“Throughout the Exploratorium, there are a plethora of exhibits. One stood out amongst the rest: The Shadow Box. A photographer by the name of Harold Edgerton invented the strobe flash technique to capture the motion of individuals. According to the Exploratorium, the 1940s was the first time anyone had been able to do something like this. At the museum, they have created an exhibit that brings Edgerton’s science to the kids, allowing them to explore and expand their minds. The Phosphor screens capture the light from the strobe flash, which freezes the visitor’s shadow as an image on the glow in the dark wall.”

Ellie Wynne: The Red Telephone Booth

“One of the exhibits at the grand Exploratorium are the red telephone booths. There are two red phone booths, and probably at least 20 yelling kids messing with the booth at each one. One of the red phone booths has a code, and one has a lock. I have looked all over the web for the explanation to the red phone booths, but the only thing that would come up were tickets to london, and the Exploratorium website, so I have made my own explanation. I have come up with the thought that this exhibit is a communication system. The Exploratorium wants to see if we can work together, through a small video screen and a phone, and with complete strangers.”

Natalia Castillo: Sound Bite

“The most amazing must see exhibit is the sound bite. One places a clean straw on the metal rod and bites down. Don’t forget to plug your ears! Soon one will be able to hear rap music sung by a male. It is an interesting experience for first-timers. “It is really cool to experience listening to music through my bones,” said customer Charlotte Hee. “It was interesting to experience something so new!”

Jessica Le: Pinball Machine

“One of the favorites is the pinball machine, which changes sound with each tinker. There are loose parts and you can arrange them to make different rhythms and noises.”

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