Google Headquarters – Google Street Maps

ON LOCATION - October 2014

Image of the FastForward Adventure Reporters on site at Google headquarters Avirtual mirror of the world online? What more could we imagine from a company like Google? Arriving at their headquarters in Mountain View, we had a concept of what we were going to learn which quickly expanded beyond the limits of our imaginations.

Today, we can’t fathom a life without Google. As digital natives, we’ve been raised with the Internet. Have a question, want to know how to do something cool or find a place that can help you do it? Google is always there. Want to find out how many countries are in the world, find the best surfboard in the Bay area, or learn about a new trail you want to hike? Ask Google, it’s built into our life. Google started as a simple search engine with the power to lead users to an endless amount of links. Today, Google has grown exponentially, and now hosts one of the most unique and useful features on the web: Google Maps, an ever-expanding technology. We were excited to learn more about this developing project and see firsthand how it works.