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She said the fun concept of Hacktober is another small quirk Facebook does to keep employees on their toes and promote creativity. Hacktober isn’t only a chance to “prank” their staff members, but to have them experience threats in real life. She stressed that they tried to make everything Facebook style, and fun. This program was a creative way to get people talking and involved in the importance of cyber safety. Overall, Gaines’ job is to tackle important security tasks for Facebook and keep the website monitored. She addresses Facebook’s dedication to protecting its users and their information.

“We work to keep people on Facebook safe, and protect their data, which is crucial to keeping people coming back to our site,” Gaines said. “We focus on the people we serve, protect them from harm and stick up for them when needed.”

Since Facebook is always developing new ways to serve its users, we asked about changes that might take place in the future to keep up with the evolving media trends. Kobeski told us in the future, Facebook aspires to release more apps and specially developed programs as a division of their company, but their main goal always remains the same: to connect and bring people all over the world together.

We also talked to the bubbly and vivacious Communications Extern, Kaye Sklar. She joined the Facebook team after graduating from college, traveling the world, and making connections using Facebook. While she was abroad, she said she used the social networking site to keep in touch with friends, family, and her travel buddies.

“Facebook has a huge global impact, and there are few companies in the world that can claim to have such an impact on people’s lives,” Sklar, said. “Facebook is such an amazing tool – like nothing else.”

Although Facebook is different for each one of us, it’s awesome to have a way to share what we find or learn with others so easily each day. Being able to see all the work that goes in to making this possible made us hopeful that we blaze into the future with more brilliant ideas.

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