- What Will you Change?

FastForward reporters visit the office of the world's largest petition website

On Location: December 2013

By Joe Blair, Lizzie Chadbourne, Luca Evans, Matt Geffen, John Hassen, Katrina Horsey, Sarah Knopf, Alina Rainsford, Gloria Robinson, Eliza Ross, Sammi Siegel, Craig Smyth and Grace Weinswig – from Marin Academy, Marin School of the Arts, Mill Valley Middle, San Domenico, Sir Francis Drake High, St. Hilary, St. Isabella and Tam High Schools

Image of FastForwardWeb reporters on location at company headquarters Have you ever thought something wasn’t fair? Thought it was uncool, politically wrong, or just plain wrong? Want to make a change in the world, whether big or small? Then make a petition on the website that is dedicated to making people’s lives across the globe better:

Inside the headquarters of located in San Francisco, FastForward reporters noticed everything was clean, and all the walls were white. Well, we found the inside fitting because is a website whose passion is help people clean up the world.

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A Visit to Facebook

FastForward Reporters Visit Facebook's Headquarters

OnLocation: November 2013

Image of the Facebook logo By Kayla Augustine, Pierce Freeman, Matt Geffen, Victoria Gioia, John Hassen, Michaela Hebert, Scott Hogan, Jeremy Ivory-Chambers, Carissa Lee, Morgan Lorenz, Ethan McKeague, Sam Newsome, Olivia Malek, Rachel Metzger, Talia Rizzo, Christa Schmitt, Ethan Singleton, Lacey Slattery, Arthur Weschler, Mary Winnick, Burke Wynne and Wheeler Young from Bay, Bayview of San Rafael, Branson, Davidson Middle, Marin Academy, Marin Catholic, Marin Horizon, Redwood High, San Domenico, Sir Francis Drake High, Saint Rita, White Hill Middle and Saint Ignatius College Preparatory Schools

Walking down the never-ending main street, we think we’re in Disneyland on our way to Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Flanked by buildings on either side, a thin, paved black concrete path cuts through a neatly manicured lawn. A BBQ shack appears in the distance and the smell wafts down the walkway. The fog begins to recede while sun rays stream through a gap in the clouds. The occasional biker passes by on a dark red bicycle wearing board shorts and a t-shirt. It feels like an unusually quiet day on the Main Street at the theme park, and coupled with California mist, one wouldn't be faulted for confusion. But the "like" button painted on a sign outside tells the true story: Welcome to Facebook.

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Yes, Google Has Done It Again

FastForward Reporters visit Google for a sneak peak of their new product

OnLocation: October 2013

Image of the Google logo By Alina Rainsford, Nate Friend, Alec Douglas, Pierce Freeman, John Hassen, Taylor Galla, Isabelle Kitze and KC Badala from Branson, Marin Academy, Marin Catholic and Sir Francis Drake High Schools

A sleek white box. Packaging that turns into a stand. A color coordinated USB chord. For years, Google has gone above and beyond, creating new products and ideas that are extraordinary and revolutionary. Now, however, Google has stepped up and created a product like no other on the market, continuing their legacy of excellence with the new Google Glass.

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