In The Oakland A's dugout, getting closer...

SPORTS FEATURE - August 2011

By Miles Andersen, Emma Alexander, Max Alexander, Tyler Baker-Williams, Simon Crabill, Marcus Narodny and Talia Rizzofrom Mill Valley Middle, Redwood High, Saint Hilary, Sinaloa Middle and White Hill Middle Schools

Image of the A's pitcher Joey Devine with the Adventure Reporters Excited, we walk through the gates of our very own Oakland Athletics home field. First, up to a spectacular view from press box, where all the various radio, TV and press media congregate, busily preparing for the long job of covering the day’s game. With its own snack corner including a popcorn coffee and a hot dog machines, radio booth and TV room, the media busily chat while preparing to cover the game. Our guide Tina, from Public Relations gave us the Oakland A’s Media Guide which holds all the stats of every player and a lot more. She also gave us magazines, a score tracker and a roster of the A’s, explaining how the press arrive, gather this info for their broadcast to begin compiling the story for the day—for newspapers, Twitter, Facebook and more.

We walked down the stairs through an entrance and on to the field. We went into the A’s dugout and watched batting practice. It was a dream come true. We got to see Coco Crisp, Kurt Suzuki and Gio Gonzalez. We met a professional BANG (Bay Area News Group) reporter named Joe Stiglich who gave us some tips: like how to introduce yourself, give a firm handshake, keep eye contact, and say your best question first. Joe told us if he is pressed for time he could write a 600-word story in about 45 minutes! But if he has all day to write a story, it will take him five hours because he doesn’t have a deadline.