image of Oakland A's logoJoey believes that he has a good relationship with the team and that all the players respect one another. He said, “This group of guys is really close and in a lot of teams you will find that the relievers hang out with the relievers, the starters with the starters and the position players with the position players, but you will see with this team everyone kind of hangs out with everybody and that just shows how close we are as a group."

Joey says that the A’s greatest strength is probably the pitching staff because they don’t give up to many runs and they just keep going and going. Devine said, “ I want to ride it out as long as I can, this has always been a goal and I am thankful everyday that I am able to put a uniform on and play baseball at this level. When the day comes where it’s going to end, I want to give back to the game and teach kids at the younger levels, whether that be lessons or coaching, and just kind of go from there and see how the game continues to change at the young levels.

Last but not least, a few words to the kids who want to grow up and play in the MLB: “Don’t give up. Keep playing but play the game and have fun. That’s the biggest thing, play the game for fun and good things will happen and follow your dreams, whatever that may be. Whether it be baseball, any other sport, or any other thing you would want to pursue so just follow your dreams and have fun.”


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