Cain said that there is a lot of joking around in the clubhouse to keep things loose and relaxed so they can stay fresh. “It’s a little kids game and we are getting to do it as big kids,” Cain said. “We are still kids really.”

Cain said that when he hit his first homerun in the majors, he was mostly shocked. “I was obviously really surprised because I almost missed first base,” he said. He said that being a major league athlete was always something he aspired to do. “I started to figure out that baseball was the sport that I was the best at,” Cain said. “So I just aspired to be as good at this as I could.”

“My proudest moment as a Giant was winning the World Series in 2010,” says Matt Cain. “It was a moment for the whole team.” His proudest moment this year was throwing his perfect game. “It was almost unspeakable,” he tells us. “In the ninth inning I was focused on completing it and nothing else.”

Bruce Bochy, the secret to the Giant’s success, says that if he wasn’t a coach he would do something outdoors with wildlife. “My day to day stresses are the media, before and after the game, making sure the players are okay, and injuries,” he says. “Right after a game I have to start thinking about the next game.”

We reluctantly filed out of the dugout, looking behind us and trying desperately to get one last glance of one of the best days of our life. We walked back down those legendary hallways, past the Ghirardelli arch, turned just before the Coca Cola slide to our seats, and watched the Giants win.

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