Image of the FastForward reporters speaking with Giants slugger Pablo SandovalSpeaking of hard working, we interviewed fan-favorite and third baseman Pablo Sandoval—affectionately known as the “Panda” by Giants fans. Sandoval truly loves his job and it is visible to all with whom he converses, as he always has a smile on his face and has a fun-loving attitude. He says it is “a dream come true to play in San Francisco in front of these amazing fans everyday. The fans inspire me to work harder, I never want to disappoint them.” He says the team is united and “when one guy gets hurt, we all rally together to play for him because we are all working towards the same goal.” Brandon Crawford has a similar attitude towards the fans- but his is more personal, as he used to be one. Crawford grew up in the Bay Area, rooting for the giants throughout his childhood, “The fans are just amazing, always inspiring us to do our best. We really feed off of the energy they bring to the ballpark everyday.” His advice to aspiring baseball players is simple: “Work hard,” he states. “I worked so hard everyday to get where I am now. If my high school coach gave us a day off, I would go to the batting cages and work on my swing.” Last but not least arrived Sergio Romo. Some Giants fans and players have their own superstitions but what about Romo? When he jumps over the foul-ball line running on to the field, he always hops off of his left foot and on to his right foot. Angel Pagan looked dynamic with his dark black hair, as he stood tall, commenting on how much the fans mean to the team. For his pre-game rituals, he said, “I pray to God.”