The Oakland A’s — An Interview with Sean Doolittle

ON SPORTS - October 2014

Story and interview by Luca Evans, Zack Bjursten, Gemma Calandra, Bennett Carbone, Taylor Charles, Matt Geffen, Lauren Hopper, Nick Kostanecki, Collin Prell, Rachel Richman, Eddie Rohosy and Christine Watridge; From Brandeis Hillel Day, Branson, Charlotte Wood, Del Mar Midddle, Marin Academy, Marin Catholic, Mill Valley Middle, Redwood High, San Domenico and The Bay School

Image of the FastForward Adventure Reporters in the Aokland A's dugout with Sean Doolittle Boy, a 400-foot long field sure looks a lot bigger when you’re standing on top of it. Lesson learned: TV doesn’t always give the right impression. That’s what we found out as reporters when we arrived at the Oakland Athletics’ Coliseum to cover the A’s vs. Rangers game on a sunny warm day in Oakland.

We started by visiting the A’s press conference room, sitting to shoot some photos right where the players and managers sit after the game is over for post-game commentary with all the TV cameras. That was a trip as we could imagine another moment where it was all happening and we were watching from the outside. Next, we made our way through the same halls and elevators the players go in as we headed up to the press box. Here, we saw a multitude of writers and TV announcers, each at their stations busily taking notes and recording details in preparation for the soon-to-start game. The room had a 360 degree view of the whole field, with cameras and lots of media equipment lining the various stalls. Biographies of players, team rosters, line-ups, and other resources could be found lined up in the hall. Oakland A’s head of PR, Adam Loberstein began by telling us he started reporting at the age of 17 as a writer. He explained how exciting the job is with the hardest part being that “so many things happen at the same time, so you have to be able to multi-task and prioritize time; there are lots of logistics, lots of scheduling.” Leaving the press box, we couldn’t help but think that maybe we would end up here in ten years!