A Giant Adventure - A visit with the 2011 San Francisco Giants

Dugout interviews get the FastForward Adventure Reporters up close and personal with their favorite players

SPORTS FEATURE - October 2011

By KC Badala, Tyler Baker-Williams, Nina Becam, Joseph Blair, Matt Coopersmith, Simon Crabill, John Hassen, Katrina Horsey, Connor McGuigan, Ashley Salinas, Alex Schwartz and Sari Wisoff - from Branson, Marin Academy, Marin Country Day, Marin Horizon, Marin Catholic, Marin Primary & Middle, Redwood High, Ross, Tam High and Terra Linda High Schools

Image of San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy with the Adventure Reporters in the dugout at AT&T ParkGetting closer is everyone’s dream. Walking into the defending World Champions stadium with butterflies in our stomachs, we were on the way to meet to our favorite world champion baseball players—the SF Giants. Excitement washed over us like water gushing out of a waterfall as we took our own press passes and stepped through the tall metal gate of AT&T Park. The smell of popcorn, churros, and hotdogs wafted down to the field from the food courts as the thought of ballpark food made us want to float six feet off the ground all the way to the source of the smell as you see so often in those corny cartoons. Our eyes bigger than baseballs and our mouths open wide enough to swallow up the great AT&T Park itself, we gazed around at the place where legendary baseball superstars are born, pinching ourselves harder and harder as we got closer to the dugout. As soon as we walked down those steps, we knew we had just set foot in the ultimate Giants paradise.

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Joey Devine - the Oakland A's A+ Pitcher

In The Oakland A's dugout, getting closer...

SPORTS FEATURE - August 2011

By Miles Andersen, Emma Alexander, Max Alexander, Tyler Baker-Williams, Simon Crabill, Marcus Narodny and Talia Rizzofrom Mill Valley Middle, Redwood High, Saint Hilary, Sinaloa Middle and White Hill Middle Schools

Image of the A's pitcher Joey Devine with the Adventure Reporters Excited, we walk through the gates of our very own Oakland Athletics home field. First, up to a spectacular view from press box, where all the various radio, TV and press media congregate, busily preparing for the long job of covering the day’s game. With its own snack corner including a popcorn coffee and a hot dog machines, radio booth and TV room, the media busily chat while preparing to cover the game. Our guide Tina, from Public Relations gave us the Oakland A’s Media Guide which holds all the stats of every player and a lot more. She also gave us magazines, a score tracker and a roster of the A’s, explaining how the press arrive, gather this info for their broadcast to begin compiling the story for the day—for newspapers, Twitter, Facebook and more.

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