President Barack Obama’s Final Press Conference

photo of President Barack Obama


FastForward Covers President Barack Obama’s Final Press Conference

By Matt Geffen, Grade 12, Marin Academy

The energy at the White House is notably different then it was just a few months ago. As Pennsylvania Avenue is transformed into a viewing area for the Inaugural Parade, Secret Service maintains a wide perimeter around the complex. Before I can even approach the Northwest Appointment Gate, the entry point for the White House Press Corps, a member of the Secret Service stops and questions me. To my relief, one of his colleagues quickly informs him that I have been cleared for entry.

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Google Cardboard

Image of Google's Cardboard 3D VR viewer

Swimming with Sharks, Climbing El Capitan, Flying through the Air and Other Adventures

REPORTERS: Aiden Ament, Sabrina Chafee, Kylar Flynn, Katrina Horsey, Ellie Jenkins, Parker Kulavic, Jessica Le, Jane Merkle, Rachel Metzger, Will O’Hara, Elliott Soofer, Lyle Rumon, Christine Watridge, Sari Wisoff  FROM: Branson, Home-School, Marin Academy, Marin Catholic High, Marin Country Day School, Marin Waldorf, Novato School of the Arts, Redwood High, Tamalpais High, Terra Linda High Schools

We could feel our feet on the floor and our hands gripping the edge of the table in front of us. We knew we were safe, perched on black mesh swivel chairs in a conference room walled by whiteboards and carpeted in blue. But our sight deceived us. Because when we looked down, thousands of feet of empty space plunged past where our feet should have been and a lush forest sloped for miles in every direction. We were teetering in perilously mid-air, barely secured to El Capitan, Yosemite’s imposing 3,000-foot sheer vertical wall of granite, by a measly rope and harness. Was this reality? Yes, virtual reality. Brought to us—all of us—by Google.

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A Journey To Pixar

FEATURE - October 2014

By Bella Alioto, Isabella Angel, Matt Diener, Grace Feinberg, Gillian Friend, Katrina Horsey, Dylan Jones, Sarah Knopf, Sarah Noble, Isabel Rodriguez, Linden Schrage, Campbell Slavin and Kathleen Winnick. From Brandeis Hillel, Davidson Middle, Katherine Delmar Burke,  Marin Academy, Marin Catholic, Mark Day, Redwood, San Domenico, San Francisco Day and Tam High Schools



WhereImage of the fastForward Adventure Reporters on site at Pixar do childhood dreams come from? What inspires our wildest fantasies? For us, and many others, these inspirations sneak into our unsuspecting minds from the bright lights on the big screens. Movies might be the only place where monsters collect children’s screams, superheroes battle evil, toys come to life every time you look away, and a fish searched the whole ocean to find his son. So, where do these dreams come from? Disney’s Pixar Animation Studios.

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