An interview with Arielist Erica Linz

December 2012 Feature

By Alexandra Kitze, 8th Grade, Marin Country Day School

Have you ever tried doing flips while simultaneously hanging on to a rope? Oh wait, it forgot one thing. You're 55 feet up in the air with no safety nets and your life depends on your strength entirely. I didn’t think these things were possible until I saw Cirque Du Soleil: Worlds Away, starring aerialist Erica Linz, and produced by James Cameron, producer of Avatar and Titanic. This movie brought me into another wild dimension full of acrobatics and extraordinary cinematography. It has vibrant colors, beautiful, mind blowing costumes, set design, dancing and every kind of gravity defying acrobatics that you can imagine. If you have seen the live Cirque du Soleil performance, then you’re in for a big treat. If you haven’t, this is your chance to see a combination of seven Cirque du Soleil shows in one captivating ride that takes you underwater, across a desert and into outer space.